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Venture Insights’ research service delivers high-quality, independent and locally relevant CEO-level insights and analysis across the digital, media, telco, fintech, health tech and energy sectors in Australia and New Zealand.

Our reports inform and enable decision makers.

Our background and partner

Venture Insights was founded to provide senior management with an alternative perspective on the strategic direction and outlook of the digital, media and telco sectors. Since then we have also expanded our tech focus into the fintech, health tech and energy sectors. We believe we have a competitive advantage over existing research providers, many of which have narrow time horizons coupled with concerns over their objectivity and independence. We don’t have these limitations.


We have an exclusive partnership with Enders Analysis, the London-based research house, to bring their world-renowned research to our subscribers. They produce over 100 reports per year focused on European themes in the digital, media and telco sectors. These additional reports will provide quality insights into the global trends as well as the leading indicators in Australia.

What We Offer

As a Venture Insights subscriber, you and your team will receive access to over 150 new reports each year, as well as our searchable archive of over 1,700 reports. At least one new report each week will be focused exclusively on Australia and NZ.  In addition, subscribers can interact with our analysts through report related questions and presentations.

Access to our reports is on a subscription basis. For more information on the Venture Insights Subscription service, please contact Nigel Pugh.

Our Research Mix

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Market Forecasts

Company specific reports examine market performance and evolving strategy to determine how a specific company’s behaviour will impact the market.



Deep-dive reports into specific thematics to provide a detailed assessment of global trends and how they impact local markets.

Company Specifics

Company specific reports examine market performance and evolving strategy to determine how a specific company’s behaviour will impact the market.



Event specific notes commenting on new product launches, joint ventures, mergers and new entrants.

Our Key People

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Nigel Pugh

Head of Venture Insights

Nigel is the head of Sales and Consulting for Venture Insights and has 25+ years’ telco experience working extensively with telecoms operators, regulators, investors and vendors across Europe and APAC. Nigel specializes in commercial strategy, policy & regulation, product development, pricing, market analysis and due diligence. Before joining Venture Nigel held several senior management positions at Ovum, Telstra, PA Consulting and Optus. He has both an engineering degree and an MBA and is currently undertaking a Master of International Security (specialising in cyber security).


Vinay Chhoda

Head of Telco and Media Research

Vinay is the Head of Telco and Media research at Venture Insights and has more than 12 years of experience in equities & industry research, investment management and financial services, having lived and worked in India, the UAE and the US before moving to Australia. Prior to joining Venture, Vinay co-founded a healthtech start-up based in the US and was heading strategy and operations. He has completed a Bachelor's degree in Accounting and also holds an M.S. in Finance.