Venture Group is a specialist provider of financial advisory, consulting and industry research services.  We work with high growth businesses in a range of sectors including telecommunications, media, health, travel and tourism, energy and finance


Our goal is to become the region’s leading professional services business by providing trusted advice to our client to create opportunity from disruption


Our purpose is to make technology a force for good in the world

We help our clients to creat opportunity from disruption

We are the region’s leading technology focused botique servies firm – we advise, we invest and we help build technology businesses


  • Passionate and honest – we inspire our clients with our thirst for excellence, we are honest and direct
  • Judgement – We take pride in our judgements making wise decisions based on understanding the root causes and thinking strategically
  • Selflessness – We support each without ego especially during busy or difficult times. 
  • Clients come first – We put our clients first as trusted advisers. We share information openly and proactively
  • Curious and Committed – We strive to continuously be the best we can be in everything we do. We are committed finding the best solutions for our clients
  • Humble never arrogant – We are a non-hierarchical firm where we understand that everybody has something to learn from each other – both in our work and personally. We are respectful and ego-less
  • Innovation and intellect – We are rigorous and fact based in our work … but we are always looking for and open to new ideas
  • Strong communications – We listen first (before reacting) and then articulate our views (written and spoken) coherently and thoughtfully
  • Proactive – We are ‘doers’ by nature and avoid putting things off because we are too busy or under stress
  • Practical and Impactful – We focus our work on outcomes that make a difference for our clients. We want to make a difference