The Venture Group is a collaboration of specialist corporate advisory, consultancy and research firms operating in the digital age

Our sector focus has spread rapidly, responding to the way in which the information age (also called the digital age or internet age) has increasingly impacted most major sectors of the Australian economy.

We operate as three independent companies that collaborate to share ideas and views of how technology impacts various sectors of our economy, but each companies remains responsible for their unique services in the areas of advisory, consulting and research respectively. 

Whilst our origins are in TMT (Telecoms, Media and Technology), we now provide our services to most sectors, where understanding technological change is important. TMT companies were among the first to be disrupted and commence the process of convergence, and now they are key enablers of the same disruption in other sectors. Computer scientists, together with software and programming engineers, are now defining our corporate and economic landscape, creating new ways to do things with increasing automation and decreasing cost. This innovative process is rapid and profound.

We believe our first-hand experience in TMT helps us to diagnose the trends, the impacts, the opportunities and the threats facing our clients that operate in a broad range of sectors – such as finance, health and energy, as well as sectors such as agriculture, retail and logistics.  We, of course, remain entrenched and loyal to our clients in the TMT sector, as they themselves often take a broader sector approach in respect of targeting customer groupings.

The game is far from over … in fact, it's only just the beginning, and the rate of change is accelerating as are the challenges and opportunities for our clients.
Many of the world’s largest companies in the world were only started some ten to twenty years ago.

Technology and disruption impacts both incumbent market participants as they seek to adapt their business models, fending off new competitors, as well as young enthusiastic challengers looking to break into large, previously unattainable markets.  We are there with our clients on both ends of this great competition that makes our economy strong.

Likewise, new enabling technologies are just emerging – think what 3D printing, autonomous vehicles, mobile payments, drones, wearables/implantables, robotics, genomics and genetically modified lifeforms, artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality and augmented reality, quantum computing, block chain, renewable and clean energy, 5G, and the Internet of Things might do to health, energy, finance, travel and other key market segments.